Which Types Of Softwares We Provide?

School Management Software

It also provides a dedicated portal for teachers making it easier for them to find all the information related to students and school activities.

Hotel Management Software

A hotel management software designed to simplify hotel operations management via its integrated management suite.

Library Management Software

Library management systems help libraries keep track of their documents inventory and loans, and member subscriptions and profiles, sometimes for multiple physical locations

Gym Management Software

Gym scheduling software is also sometimes referred to as fitness software, studio software, scheduling software.

Billing Softwares

A billing software can be any software designed to handle time and billing tracking as well as invoicing customers.

Brick Management Software

The Brick project established a network of cultural institutions to share digital cultural resources.

Pathology Software

Pathology Software allows machine integration that all equipment can be connected to manage online lab test reports.

Restaurant Management and Billing Software

A restaurant pos software refers to any system which helps run restaurants, food outlets, bakeries, food trucks.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is a software system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries.

Garments Software

It helps track the non-moving or the slow-moving items and helps get the best supplier deals along with designing.

GST Software

GST software provides you with the best GST Billing and Return Filing experience. We aim at reducing the compliance time significantly which will consequently cut down the cost by half.

Vehicle Stand Management Software

The Vehicle Management System (VMS) is an application for the Automotive industry. It supports, in the area of Sales & Services, the business processes that you require.

Car/Bike Showroom CRM Software

An Automotive CRM is a customer relationship management software which helps automotive businesses improve sales efficiency and revenue growth by effectively managing sales targets, leads, vehicle details, auto insurance policies.

Real Estate Software

Real estate CRM software is a system that caters to the multiple requirements of real estate agents and real estate firms. From managing incoming requests, to preparing price quotes, to selling a property.

Hospital Software

Hospital management system is a computer system that helps manage the information related to health care and aids in the job completion of health care providers effectively.